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Gittisham Folk Dance Club in Honiton

Mackarness Hall, High Street, Honiton, EX14 1PG
First Wednesdays but please check website - 8.00pm to 10.15pm (or thereabouts)
There are opportunities for newcomers (and others!) to be taught dance steps and techniques on a 1:1 basis - this will be included in the entrance price, so if you've ever wanted to learn to dance - come along at 7.15pm.

These evenings have been with a range of callers, each of whom teach and call one or two dances during each evening. These range from simple well-known folk dances, through gentle and flowing Playford styles, to fast ceilidh dances - and may include on some evenings parts of the Gittisham Display dance. Not all dance styles will suit everyone - you will just have to be adaptable! The evenings are for dancers to learn - and enjoy themselves - and also for callers to perfect their techniques.
For information contact eMail - Visit website - Affiliated to EFDSS

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