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For sale

You can advertise instruments for sale on this page - just complete the contact form and add details of instrument for sale.
(Note if you would like a picture included please state on the form and this will be followed up by email)
Contact FlaxeyGreen
All advertisements will be removed after 6 months. 
Instruments can be re-advertised after this period by confirming they are still for sale.
Terms & Conditions
Please read prior to placing an advert and particularly note that it is a responsibility of the seller to ensure the information sent to flaxey green describes the instrument accurately.

I am sure that all people using the internet are aware of the need to be very cautious when buying or selling - please make sure that you establish the identify of the person you are dealing with before parting with goods or money. Please note that flaxey green cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur when buying or selling instruments advertised on this site.
Page last updated on 21/05/18

Contact Microphone System
For use with Microvox type microphones, this is a high quality design for the amplification of squeeze box instruments.
No batteries are necessary – the unit and microphones are powered from the mixing desk Phantom power supply. £60.00 inclusive of VAT and First Class post.
For more details visit website

5 String Banjo
Grafton Clipper #2 5-String Banjo for sale. Comes with a shop fitted Schatten BJOZ pick-up by Andy Banjo. Excellent condition, less than four years old with a hard Grafton case. This beautiful instrument classified as an intermediate model. £400 Collection only. Email Bob or telephone 07989 384305

Click on picture for larger image
Date listed 21.05.18.


5 String Banjo
Washburn 5 string banjo, excellent condition with hard case - £300. For more information please email

Click on picture for larger image
Date listed 19.04.18.

English Concertina
Vintage Lachenal English 48 button Concertina. Circa 1910. 5 - fold leather bellows, steel reeds, bond buttons rosewood fretted ends. Restored by the Music room. £850.00 with hexagonal wooden which case requires attention.
For more information contact Mike email or telephone 07866882762  
Date listed 15.03.18.           

Hohner Pokerwork Melodeon
Hohner Pokerwork 2 row Melodeon D/G in good condition and working order. Bellows slightly worn. £350.00. For more information contact Steve Gill telephone 01803 290427 or email

Date listed 06.03.18.

English Concertina
Wheatstone English Aeola Concertina. 48 key. 6 fold bellows. Excellent condition. £3000.00 as valued Please telephone 07780694019

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Date listed 06.02.18.

Peavey KB3 Amplifier. 60 watt, 12 inch speaker, 4 separate channels. Perfect for voice, keyboards, acoustic instruments and guitar. Little used and in very good condition. £150.00 ono. Please email Mike for more information or telephone 01392 811593.

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Date listed 03.09.17.


Castagnari Tommy D/G Melodeon. new in 2006.  Complete replacement of reeds (Tipo a Mano) March 2016, little used since (owner a G/C box player).  Perfect instrument, free-moving, fast action.  £2,000, no offers.  Please email for more information or telephone  07818 400 220.

Click on picture for larger image
Date listed 04.04.17.

Hohner Corona 3 row melodeon G D A - Internal microphone (unused by me) recently professionaly refurbished, some scuffing but otherwise in good condition. £250.00 Telephone 01752 345054

Click on picture for larger image
Date listed 16.01.17.

Bodhran tippers/beaters
Bodhran tippers/beaters - brush style made from bamboo sticks. Approx. 9" (225mm) long x 1/2" (15mm) thick. Bound by unique whipping, varnished and banded.
Style 1.     Whipped at one end for single end playing.
Style 2.     Whipped in middle for double end playing.
Adjustable 'O' ring for resonance variation.

£10.00 postage free in UK - 10% discount for 2 or more. Also can be made to order from your specification. Please telephone 01626 638329 or 07860 346274 or email

Click on picture for larger image - 09.06.15.