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Bloatertown Band

The Bloatertown Band are long time enthusiasts of all forms of English-Style traditional dance, having our roots in the 70's morris revival. We have played together since that time and have kept our interest and love of dancing fresh and alive. There is nothing we like better than to see a floor full of dancers having a great time, whether for a celebration, a dance club or for an "open" event with all levels experience. From Sidemouth Festival to Taddiport Village Hall, with the help of our excellent regular caller John Blackburn, we know how to get you dancing.

Musically, we draw mainly from the more "traditional" styles and rhythms that have typified lively English country dancing during the last 30 years. We use the depth of material and wealth of knowledge as players and dancers to create a blend of irresistibly danceable and listenable music. Our instrumental line-up is as varied as our tunes and songs, with both acoustic and electric instruments sharing the spotlight. Instruments include melodeons, concertina, hammered dulcimer, ukulele, keyboard, whistle, Trombone, bouzouki, acoustic and electric guitars and bass - although not all at the same time, of course! In essence, we are a great dancing band in the tradition of great dancing bands!

Our name came from an old Barnstaple name for an area of the town near the River Taw where a kippering factory is reputed to have once operated.

Telephone John Stevens (Band) 01271 346279 or John Blackburn (Caller) 01237 476632 or eMail for more information or visit website

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