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Choughed to Bits

Recorded direct to a mini disc recorder in a band member’s  sitting room

5 piece band based in Cornwall, with or without caller, playing lively traditional music for ceilidhs, barn dances, weddings, parties, or any type of event.

The band members are:

Pauline has played melodeon for years. She believes that this gives her the right to tell the rest of us off if we get things wrong.

John is our demon fiddle player. He likes to do lots of diddly bits and gives the music a real lift.

Kevin plays woodwindy things. He claims that it means he never has to sing, which seems to keep everyone happy. Ed is a brilliant guitarist who gives our music a huge amount of oomph. He has played in many bands over the years.

Phil - As any melodeon player will tell you, the melodeon is one of the best instruments for playing good traditional dance tunes on, so we have two
melodeon players.

Graham is our caller, he has a wealth of experience and will have people of all ages and abilities up and dancing.

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