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Exmouth Shanty Men

Devon's 'original buoy band' are one of the most entertaining acts to burst on to the folk scene in recent years and since first performing together in 2007, their flourishing reputation has been founded on the authenticity and integrity of their interpretation.
They are described as "just sensational" by the BBC's Judi Spiers, who is known to the crew as Sheila Blige. 
Committed to keeping alive their home town and their nation's rich maritime heritage, they dress in period costume and put their songs back on to the decks of the tall ships or into the dockside taverns where they rightfully belong; splicing together hard-bitten, hard-sung work shanties with gentle forebitters & heartbreaking laments delivered with pathos. 
Their interaction with their audience makes every performance unique and when not playing high profile events such as The Tall Ships or the Olympics, they regularly enthral audiences in theatres, folk clubs, harboursides, pubs and festivals across the UK and Europe.
In between live appearances they have recorded 4 albums, all of which can be purchased, either digitally or as CDs directly through their website or from the usual platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.
These boys have now sailed many a voyage together and it shows in every note and gesture, with their jiggery - and indeed their pokery - widely known to be highly infectious. 


Telephone 07752 436974 or eMail for more information or visit website

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