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Flash Jack

Flash Jack is a singing group formed by combining previous members of the late lamented shanty crew "Hanging Johnny" with other singers and musicians. This gives us the flexibility to meet the needs of each gig, ranging from a small club or private event, to the large stage of a festival or theatre

We strive to keep alive many of the traditions established by Hanging Johnny, but perform a different balance of songs, with ballads and tunes as well as shanties. We hope that fans will be pleased that we maintain the honourable tradition of comic songs established by our illustrious predecessors and we still encourage audience participation!
Our repertoire includes shanties, new and old. Ballads from the land, reflecting the strong links which have always existed between the songs from costal districts and the songs sung by the seafarers of those areas.Tunes associated with the coast and seafaring, both at home and abroad, and songs from a woman's perspective. The themes of many of the ballads and shanties give us the alternative title for our performances Songs of Love, Lust & Loose Living!

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