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Mrs. Midnights

We play traditional English tunes for traditional English dances, aiming to get people on their feet to dance, but also to please their ears if they just want to listen.

Based on the celebrated melodeon playing of Bob Powell, with irresistible rhythm guitar provided by Adrian Wynn, the tunes are polkas, hornpipes , waltzes and jigs.

Different and interesting flavours are added to the music by Nicky Hewitt's oboe, Min Wild's whistle and soprano sax, and Bob Higgs' brass. Between us we have over seventy years of experience in playing for dancing, and played an Anchor Garden ceilidh at Sidmouth Folk Festival this year to general acclaim.

We play with a clean, traditional sound but love to work on the splendid old tunes we play, giving them new life for the 21st century. Our lively caller Mike Boston is on hand to explain the dances- the kind that our ancestors danced to in Thomas Hardy's time!

For further information please contact Mike telephone 07789714498 or eMail or visit website

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