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On the dance front, the ‘Oggle Band’ has established a reputation as one of the liveliest, most entertaining ceilidh bands in the South West.
The six-piece, multi-instrumental line up creates a rich, lively and varied sound
that won’t let you keep still!
We have our own caller to lead everyone through the dances, and are able to perform music and songs from our concert set whilst dancers get their breath back!

In concert the band combines traditional and contemporary music and song.
Set to our own arrangements, and including some of our own compositions,
our repertoire ranges from soft melodic numbers to lively jigs, reels and other high energy tunes and songs.

Jo: fiddle
Phil: guitar
Jean-Marc: drums
Paul: banjo, guitar
Colin: whistle, percussion
Garry: melodeon, percussion (and caller for the dances)

As well as playing regularly at local events, including weddings, parties and festivals,
the band has performed for ceilidhs and in concert at various festival venues
and other events beyond their North Devon home.

Available for ceilidhs/barn dances and concerts for public and private events.

For bookings and further information
Telephone Garry 01271 865030/07973 370 630 or eMail

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