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Poisson Rouge

Poisson Rouge is a band of 5 musicians Louise Scammell, Sarah Mitchell, Liz Nabb, Phil Wilson and Martin Henning playing Bag-pipes, Bombards and other assorted wind instruments, Bass Guitar, Cittern, Violin, Diatonic Accordion, Mandola, Mandolin, and Percussion.
The music they play is mainly French and Breton inspired dance music both original and traditional

Formed to provide live music at the ‘d'Accord!’ French/ Breton dance club held monthly (3rd. Friday September to June) at the Ide Village Hall near Exeter Poisson Rouge is now performing at other venues, monthly at the South Brent Bal Folk (1st. Friday ) and at festivals, schools, community events and private parties all over the country.

French and Breton dance is a mixture or lively circle and set dances such as Bourees and An Dros and more romantic couple dances such as Mazurkas, Waltzes and Schottiches and is tremendous fun. The music ranges from the hypnotic to the raucous – the band breaking down into smaller groups and solo spots to add variety to the sound - with beautiful and unusual melodies that we hope you will enjoy. For an example of what the band does go to YouTube and type in Poisson Rouge at Sidmouth 2009.

Poisson Rouge have an additional member, Carrie Atkinson who is a dance teacher, who leads workshops in Breton and French traditional dance and can lead the dances at a Bal or Fest Noz when required.
If you would like further details of the band and availability Please contact Martin Henning on 01837 871498 or eMail or Louise Scammell on 07737 238076 or eMail

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