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Spinach for Norman

Spinach for Norman are an all-string Ceilidh band. From their varied backgrounds - Irish, Dutch, Jewish, Rumanian, even English - a repertoire of music from all over the British Isles and Europe, the Middle East and an all string sound which owes a little to the traditional music of Shetland and Nova Scotia has gradually emerged. 

Ben Van Weede, one of the band's two violin players, who is also well known as a string teacher and for his solo performances including a partnership with Paul Wilson. Joel Segal (violin), a non-gentile with a wandering Rumanian ancestry, adds an exotic edge to the music with a large range of Yiddish, Klezmer, and Middle Eastern tunes as well as Irish, Scottish and English tunes and dances. Howard Harrison (guitar) is a composer, writes award winning books, has the only known paper organ in the world and lectures in performing arts. Martin Henning on bass guitar brings his Irish background and some experiences of Jazz, early and World music, Caberet and R&B counting among his seminal influences Gabriel Yacoub and John Coltrain.


Spinach for Norman (cassette tape)
Spinach Mean Time (cassette tape)
Ready to Start Again (CD SFN1) Music and Instructions for 14 traditional dances. Dancing has been a way for us to socialise and make merry for as long as there has been a history to record it. The style featured on Ready to Start Again taps into the depths of this tradition. It is a great mixer, a leveller, great aerobics and is nowadays known as Ceilidh, Country or Barn Dancing.

For further information contact: Joel Segal (07790906118) or Martin Henning (01837 871498) eMail

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