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Stick The Fiddle

Stick The Fiddle is a versatile Tiverton-based band that started to specialise in playing for dances in 2007. Their lively & musical playing has made them popular with local dance clubs and in great demand for weddings and other events. Their folk festival debut at Sidmouth 2008 featured Contra, Playford, English and Irish set workshops & dances. At Eastbourne this year (2010) the band will be playing for English, Irish, Scottish and Playford workshops & dances.

Stick the Fiddle can play as a two, three or four-piece band with fiddle (Sue Rivett), guitar (Bruce Thomas), double bass/cello (Greta Tucker) &/or keyboard (Andrew Curtis or Maureen Knight) and can provide any style of folk dance music or folk/classical background music for weddings, dinner parties, etc.

Please call Bruce on 01884 243295 to discuss your requirements or eMail

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