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Sue White and Tony Taylor

Folk/Rockers with a difference
Though they sing the rootsy Celtic mix of Scottish, Cornish, French and irish songs they add bits of 60's music, American Bluegrass and Old Time, Rockabilly and anything else that grabs their fancy .... including some of Tony's songs. They sung and played and toured the UK and Europe for over 10 years and though old enough to know better they're wise enough to know it's too late to stop now!

Sue White - Sue is from the East ... no not the Hindu Kush ... but Essex. And she knows all the jokes ... unabridged. She spent her early years much influenced by her brothers playing in skiffle and folk bands including the Streakers. She moved to Cornwall in the early 70's and has been one of the movers and shakers of the South west music scene. An experienced performer ... she knows her Carrickfergus from her Shoals of herring and Wildwood Flower.

Sue White - Solo folk performer

Tony Taylor - A Rock'n'Roll fan from the 50's. Went to sea at 16 and was in Manilla with the Beatles. Made a film on the Byrds in 1971 and this inspired him to music full time. Signed as a songwriter to EMI Music in 1975 and recorded as Captain Video. Moved to Cornwall in the 80's. Started singing with Sue soon after. Picks banjo and plays guitar and sings. Knows his Warren Zevron from his Sleepy La Beef.

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