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The Bully Wee Band

The Bully Wee Band, throughout the 70s and early 80s were one of the foremost exponents of acoustic folk/rock music on the scene. In January 2004, over 20 years after their farewell performance, Ian Cutler, Fergus Feely & Colin Reece hit the road again with a reunion tour. So successful was the 2004 tour that the three have decided to repeat the experience again in January 2005.

Ian and Colin have continued to play together in various formats over the last twenty years appearing on each other’s individual solo albums (Ian’s ‘Slaughterhouse’ in July 2000 and Colin’s ‘Well Kept Secrets’ in September 1985 and ‘No Choice For A Beggar’ March 2001), while Fergus moved back to his native Ireland to pursue careers with La Rue & Dolores Keane.  Ian is currently part of the Kent based band The Hot Rats and tours each year with the now legendary ‘Feast Of Fiddles’ show along with Peter Knight, Phil Beer and many others of the country’s top fiddle players. Fergus has recently been touring Europe as accompanist to top Irish songwriter and poet Sean Tyrrell. Colin now follows a successful solo career in the South West of England, occasionally dipping his toe in the glitzier world of show business as guitarist for comedian Jim Davidson.

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