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The Eelgrinders

The Eelgrinders have over twelve years experience playing for dance, specialising in both British and French traditions.

David Faulkner calls dances for the Eelgrinders, or the band can work with a caller of your choice.
The Eelgrinders sound blends together elements of classical, traditional and jazz. Their music moves with grace and style and is delivered with sparkling virtuosity on border pipes, whistles, trumpet, accordion, fiddle and percussion.

The Eelgrinders also perform an exciting concert programme mixing new and traditional music played on traditional and modern instruments. They have gained a well-deserved reputation for their original compositions, reflecting the diversity of the British musical landscape. Eelgrinders music has been featured on Radio 3's Late Junction program. Expect elements of classical, traditional and jazz, with richly textured arrangements and sumptuous and powerful harmonies executed with a sparkling virtuosity.
The Eelgrinders teach traditional French Dance workshops - with the stylish dance variations from the Morvan region a speciality. Also individual instrument and group music workshops, technique, repertoire and group work.

The Eelgrinders are :-
David Faulkner : English bagpipes, whistles, trumpet
Lawrence Morgan-Anstee : English bagpipes, whistles
Helena Torpy : Violin, percussion, voice
Steve Turner : Accordion

The Eelgrinders have released two CDs on their own Sargasso Sounds label, and individual members of the band have released a further two CDs

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