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The Legendary 10 Seconds

The style of the music is quite varied but is very much folk influenced due to playing folk rock with my friend Nigel Howells when I played in his band Phoenix. While playing with Phoenix we released a CD called "Talkin Bout Regenaration" which we sold at our gigs and on the Phoenix website. I left Phoenix in about 2007.

I have been recording as The Legendary 10 Seconds since about 2003 and I have had my music released as The Legendary Ten Seconds on CD on Golden pathway records and Pastime records, for instance  "Chasing Chances" and “Loyaulté Me Lie”.

The Legendary 10 Seconds recordings have also been very much influenced by the Bones of All Men CD by Phil Picket which features Richard Thompson. I have recorded quite a few tunes which have a medieval/Tudor feel to them. I think that my other tunes probably sound a bit like late sixties English folk rock with a psychedelic feel to them. It is probably all a mixture of influences because I have also been recording a lot of new songs and playing guitar in another band called the Morrisons. Have a look at the Morrisons website for information about the various bands I have played in over the last 30 years. My main claim to fame is that the Morrisons had a record played on the John Peel show a couple of times back in about 1987. When I first started recording as The Legendary Ten Seconds it was mainly with my stepson Guy Bolt but since 2012 it has been with the mighty Lord Zarquon. I play 6 , 12 string and bass guitar, mandolin, mandola and do most of the vocals. Guy Bolt used to play drums, percussion, harmonica, keyboards, 6 string and bass guitar on my recordings. I remember now that getting into folk music all came about when Guy helped out Nigel Howells in his old band called Storm Force Ten when they needed a drummer at short notice and then the guitarist left and I stepped in. That must have been back in the late 1990's.

This video is about the collection of old Torquay postcards that belongs to John Dike

Francis Cranley a new recording from The Legendary Ten Seconds. Click here to listen.

Semi Acoustic Almanac 2021
March 2021

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The Pageant of Torbay Part Two
January 2021

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Loyalty Binds Me by The Legendary Ten Seconds, a Circle of Spears release with narratives written by Sandra Heath Wilson
November 2020

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The Pageant of Torbay Part One
September 2020

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The Acoustic Almanac
July 2020

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The Funk Hole Myth
David Scott's very excellent book about Torquay in the Second World War is called the Funk Hole Myth and it has given me the inspiration for some songs. One came to me after reading the end of chapter nine describing a mock invasion of Torquay in which the Home Guard of the town were the defenders and the regular English army the invaders. This took place in 1942 and honestly it sounds like it was an episode very similar to those portrayed in the brilliant Dad's Army TV comedies. Read more....

History Book Part Two.
February 2020.

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Good Fortune
I think that this was the last album I recorded as the Legendary Ten Seconds before I started to record songs about Richard III. I did record some further songs after this album was finished but I never got around to doing anything with them until I decided to put them on another album called Good Fortune which is also available to be heard on the internet. Click here

About ten years ago I recorded an album called Podtastic and my wife painted the album cover. At this time my music was featured quite a lot on independent podshows. There used to be a website where I could upload my songs and podcasters could then select songs from this website for their shows. Unfortunately this website no longer exits and it has become much more difficult to get my music featured on podshows. If a podshow played my songs then I would write and record a jingle for that show and quite often the jingle would be used. I then came up with the idea for the Podtastic album with every song having a podcast jingle at the end of it.

I recently decided to make this old album available in digital format and it can now be heard via this link

Instrumental Legends
Inspired by the life and times of Richard III
Richard the Third Records, catalogue number R18
Release date 23rd September 2019
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Devon Roses 2019 catalogue number R16
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Devon & Cornwall branch of the Richard III Society
Songs recorded from 2015 to 2019 at Rock Lee & Other World Studios
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Mer de Mort
An album of songs recorded by the Legendary Ten Seconds for
the Mortimer History Society  
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Murrey and Blue by The Legendary Ten Seconds to be released on 1st November 2017 which is the anniversary of when Richard, later Richard III, was created the Duke of Gloucester in 1461. A concept album of songs by The Legendary Ten Seconds about the Wars of the Roses and England in the late fifteenth century. Read more
Sunnes and Roses, a new concept album about the Wars of the Roses by The Legendary Ten Seconds.
Available in digital format from itunes, amazon, spotify and cdbaby
The album in CD format can be purchased via the Richard III Society’s Sales Provider go to website for information
A third album of music about the Life and Times of Richard III - Recorded by The Legendary Ten Seconds
MP3 release date 6th July 2015 on the anniversary of the coronation of King Richard III Read more ...
Gold Angels - a song to download - The song is about the Duke of Gloucester ( later to be Richard III ) visiting his brother Edward IV at Christmas. The artwork is based upon a Gold Angel coin from the reign of Edward IV. Go to website to download
TANT LE DESIREE - A second album of music about the life and times of Richard III Read more..
The album Loyaulte me lie is now available on iTunes

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