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The Lucy 'Lastic Band

Welcome to The Lucy Lastic Band, formed in November 1995. Ideal for lively all inclusive fun and entertainment for experienced dancers and beginners alike. 

The Lucy Lastic Band (with PA & caller) has a proven record of providing over 15 years of great music with lively traditional dancing for all occasions in Devon & Somerset. The band has a long history of playing for dancing and listening to thousands of people at hundreds of venues.

Karen, Dick, Richard and myself have great pleasure in being a part in the creation of friendly and fun barn dancing/ceilidhs at parties, weddings and fund-raising events, etc. Our caller, Dick, will guide beginners and experienced dancers alike through a variety of interesting barn dances. He is a highly experienced caller who will captivate and motivate the event with warm enthusiasm. We play traditional tunes for dancing as well as listening. .  
As we say 'Dance 'til you drop or lollop and listen'.  


For further information telephone 07763 364682 or eMail. Visit website

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