The Morrisons were originally formed in 1986 by Phil Andrews and Ian Churchward. In 1987 John Peel played their debut flexi single Listen To Your Heart and later that year they recorded the Storm EP for Brighton’s Playroom Discs. The band split in 1988.

Spurred on by the 2003 re-release of Listen To Your Heart on the Sound Of Leamington Spa compilation CD on Firestation Records (available mail the band re-formed and in 2004 Firestation Records also released the CD Songs From The South Of England which was a compilation of the bands demo's 1986 - 1988.

The album Psycho Surfin’ is now out on The Golden Pathway (Volume 16) and features 13 new Morrisons songs recorded during 2004.

The band are currently rehearsing and recording new material (13 songs have so far been recorded and are in various states of completion) and preparing for more gigs and a further CD album release later in 2006.


1986 Flexi disc single Listen To Your Heart and Everytime I Open The Bottle (MOR 1) no longer available.

1987 Playroom Discs four track EP Listen To Your Heart, Lament, Travellin’ Boy and Storm (PLAY D2/12) no longer available.

2003 Playroom Discs version of Listen To Your Heart included on the CD compilation album The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 3 (FST 050) available on Firestation Records.

2004 CD album Songs From The South Of England available on Firestation Records (FST 053) comprising demo’s of songs from 1986 to 1988 including the Playroom Discs and flexi single tracks.

2005 CD album Psycho Surfin’ featuring 12 new Morrisons songs recorded in 2004 available on The Golden Pathway (Volume 16).

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