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The O Marley's

The O Marley's are based in Exeter. Originally from Dublin and Donegal, The O Marley's are a fusion of rock, jazz, folk and reggae. They use traditional songs as the basis of much of their eclectic set, but adapt them into other forms along the way. "The Rocky Road to Dublin" and "Tell me Ma" keep a traditional frantic pace, but swing towards the kind of rock/reggae rhythm that is reminiscent of the later stages of The Clash or The Police.
Not that the band compromised much with instruments. There is no drum kit. Instead there is the wild yet subtle Bodhran playing of James King. On the top line is premier fiddle player Mac Moulton who plunges from Irish set dances into the jazz style of Stephan Grappelli with surprising ease.
At the centre of the band is the rather mysterious 12 string guitarist, John Fitzsimons. His playing is a startling combination of cross rhythms/ jazz chords and counter melodies that produce completely original arrangements of the songs. With a background on the London music scene he brings many diverse influences to the band.
The three members of the band sing (and make strange noises), creating rich vocal patterns and harmonies that embellish the songs.
John Fitzsimons on 6 and 12 string Guitar Vocal, James King on Boghran, Mackenzie Moulton on Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Bagpipes and Vocal.


To see video of performance at Crab & Lobster Festival, Clovelly 2nd September 2012 click here

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