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The Walpot Brothers

Luc Walpot - Harp
Marc Walpot -Violin

Marc and Luc have been performing for a number of years professionally together. Both immaculately attired they perform a wide repertoire - Cletic music, Classical, Irish jigs reels and ballads, as well as many O'Carolan pieces. The very melodic and lyrical combination of harp and violin is a beautiful collaboration. Very romantic moving pieces and outstandingly presented make this duet very unique.

They have performed in a wide variety of contexts: Wedding receptions, banquets, for the services, special private functions, hotels, festivals as well as a performance broadcast on Westcountry Live television.

Their repertoire is always growing as they continually assess their public and what people enjoy to hear. Marc and Luc's versatility and professionalism in dress, conduct and performance make them a joy to listen to.

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