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10 Australian folkies are walking the Coleridge Way, June 19th – 28th 2017
We’d love local dancers/musicians to join us nightly from 7:30pm (Instrumental UK and Australian session tunes without solos) See some of our local tunes at website

When & Where
Mon 19th, Nether Stowey, The Ancient Mariner Inn
Tues 20th, West Quantoxhead, The Manson’s Arms
Wed 21th, Monksilver, The Notley Arms Inn
Thurs 22nd, Luxborough, The Royal Oak Inn
Fri 23rd, Wheddon Cross, The Rest and Be Thankful Inn
Sun 25th, Brenddon, The Staghunter’s Inn
Mon 26th, Heddon’s Mouth, The Hunter’s Inn
Tues 27th, Coombe Martin, Park of Cards Hotel

Dartmoor Step Dancing Project - Message from Project Coordinator Lisa Sture - Taking Steps: Discovering & Enjoying Our Dartmoor Stepdance Heritage
You may be wondering ... Why are we doing this project?

Stepdancing is a form of dancing where the feet tap out a rhythm to music and is allied to, but not the same as, clog dancing and a forerunner of Tap Dancing. Specifically what defines the tradition has not been studied. However, it was a popular social pastime, as well as a competitive activity involving prize money, something that would have been keenly fought over.

It is reported that at one time there were pubs on Dartmoor where 'everyone' was stepdancing, and there were a good number of villages across Dartmoor that held an annual stepdance competition.

These days it is not often that you will see someone stood on the traditional small board doing Dartmoor Stepdancing. If you go to the 3rd Monday music session at the King's Arms, S Zeal you may do, if you go to the Annual Dartmoor Folk Festival you definitely will, but apart from that it is a rare sight. How things have changed!

The Dartmoor Folk Festival was started by renowned Dartmoor folk musician Bob Cann in 1978. He wanted to help revive and preserve the traditions of Dartmoor, and in particular, the traditional music, dance, song and crafts of the area. It has done well, and for the last 33 years there have been both stepdancing workshops and a competition. During this time the number of stepdancers has grown, and interest has grown too.

How did the decline of stepdancing happen? It happened before mobile phones and the distractions of modern technology. Les Rice used to say it was when World War II started in 1939. This, along with many other thing,s like whether women competed in the competitions, we don't know. So research is the focus of the first part of the project. We are searching out all the records we can find across the country to do with Dartmoor Stepdancing, so we can so piece together more facts, steps, stories and music of the tradition.

We are hoping to find people who remember stepdancing from more than 30 years ago, or who knew the older stepdancers, and record their memories. These interviews will enrich our knowledge and inform the development of stepdancing into the future.

If you would be interested in learning how to conduct oral history interviews and to record people's memories, please email with 'Oral History' in the subject line. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

The information we find out will be presented publicly on a new website that will be launched during the Summer. As well as reseach it will have video lessons on how to stepdance, music for stepdancing, and anything else we can think may be of interest! And as you have signed up for emails, you will be one of the first to see it.

Do drop us a line if you are interested in learning to record oral history.

The 40th anniversary Dartmoor Folk Festival will take place at South Zeal, near Okehampton, on August 11, 12 and 13.

Morris Dancers required
The organisers of Paignton Regatta would like to feature Morris dancing on Paignton Green on two Sundays the 6th and 13th of August during Regatta Week. They are looking to fill 2 slots on each day, one at 12 noon and another at 3pm. They will have a small arena space and a stage with PA, for the musicians. If any team is interested in spending a sunny afternoon (or two) by the sea in sunny Paignton, please can they contact Dave Thomas on 07970 267274

The Paimpol Sea Shanty Festival 11,12,13 August 2017

The Island Trust are offering a voyage on their boat Pegasus, departing from Plymouth on Wednesday 9 August and returning to Plymouth on Friday 18 August.  You do not need to have any experience to come on board and enjoy a wonderful voyage to France taking in three days at the festival.  This will be a hands on experience, during the voyage you will get the opportunity to  to help sail the boat, guided by our highly qualified and friendly crew.  This will include raising of sails, navigation and watches to name a few.  There will be 9 places available on board. 

Further details regarding the festival can be seen here

Further information will be posted on the Island Trust website in the near future.  If you would like to register your interest and find out more please do not hesitate to email

The cost of the voyage will be £1,100 per head and includes use of safety equipment, waterproofs and all meals on board. 

May AT THE BICTON INN - 5 Bicton Street, Exmouth EX8 2RU - Click on link for more information

Thursday 25th May 8.30pm - Bicton Folk Night
Friday 26th May 9.00pm - Exmouth Festival Edge - Ladies Music Night
Saturday 27th May 10.00pm - Exmouth Festival Edge - Guy Somerfield
Sunday 28th May 10.00pm - Exmouth Festival Edge - Tash Fardell
Monday 29th May 9.00pm - Exmouth Festival Edge - Laurie Ward
Tuesday 30th May 8.00pm - Telstar & Guests

Filing Room Sessions - “An eclectic music show for musicians, music fans and music event organisers” Read more..
Click here to view latest session

The Mike Harding Folk Show - an hour plus show of the very best in folk, roots and acoustic music every Sunday at 5.00pm and also available 24/7