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London FolkSong Cellar no 32 - The fully restored LFSC programme no. 32 is recorded by one Neil Jennings in Saudi Arabia download - Featuring The Wayfarers from Devon

London Folk Song Cellar - NHJ - 3 - Neil H. Jennings - Transcription Discs: 120047/120049

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Bowling Green - (truncated in middle - verse deleted -cassette turnover?)
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Programmes of the London Folk Song Cellar by the BBC World Service from the 1960s
No. 32 includes three songs by The Wayfarer(s) Group from Devon - singer one 'Valerie.' She sings "Bowling Green" - but the original cassette was turned over half-way through and one verse is truncated. This work has now been completed with the words to all verses found. See here.

There was a group of four singers / musicians - 2 guys/2 girls - from Devon called the Wayfarers. They appeared on the London Folk Song Cellar programme no. 32 in Dec. 1997. They were introduced as from East Devon, where they rans a successful folk club. They sang:

* I Wish I Was In Bowling Green

* The Riddle Song / I Gave My Love A Cherry


* Once I Had A Sweetheart


The words have now been found courtesy of Mitch Park in New Zealand.

Bowling Green

1/ Wish I was in Bowling Green
Sittin' on the Square
With one arm round m'whiskey jug
And the other round my dear
The other round my dear Bowling Green...
Oh.... dear old Bowling Green

2/ Wish I was a bumble bee flying through the air I'd buzz beside my Patsy dear Touch her if you dare Touch her if you dare Bowling Green...
Oh.... dear old Bowling Green

3/ If you see that gal of mine
Tell her this from me
That if she loves another man
I will set her free
I will set her free Bowling Green...
Oh.... dear old Bowling Green

4/ If you love me touch me girl
Put your hand in mine
That if you love another man
I'll leave you behind
I'll leave you behind Bowling Green...
Oh.... dear old Bowling Green

5/ Wish I was in Bowling Green
Sittin' on the Square
With one arm round m'whiskey jug
And the other round my dear
The other round my dear Bowling Green...
Oh.... dear old Bowling Green
Dear old Bowling Green.

Roots and Shoots
Listen on 106.8 FM and online on 1st, 3rd and 5th Mondays of the month 6.00 to 8.0pm with Martin Henning. On Exeter's community radio station Phonic FM and online to the world featuring the best in folk/roots music with a strong emphasis on local music - both live in the studio and recorded. News too of folk/roots events in Exeter and south and east Devon. We welcome contributions from musicians, singers and anyone involved with folk/roots/world music in and around Exeter. Most importantly, listen in, then get in touch to tell us your reactions and suggestions.

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The Parson and the Village Song Men
The folk song and music collection of Devon squire and parson Sabine Baring Gould presented by Bob Mann ~ Stories and background information on the collection Les Noden ~ Songs, guitar and Anglo concertina ~ Songs, guitar, lute and Anglo concertina Mick Bramich This entertaining and informative show has been presented at numerous festivals, churches and specialist societies over the last twelve years. It is constantly being revised as new material comes to light and the song and story elements are tailored to suit particular localities. If you are looking for a folk music based performance for your group, club or festival then contact either: Bob Mann ~ 01803 847930 or Mick Bramich ~ 01364 649339

A track from The Parson and the Village Song Men - Speed the Plough - from William Andrew's manuscript

Great Music to go out around the world
FolkCast - the UK's premier folk music podcast - is looking to help artists to get their music to the people who are desperate to hear it, but can't find what they want on mainstream media. If you play in the folk, folk-rock, singer-songwriter or roots-based field, we want to hear from you! Check out our website and listen to the latest show. It's free! If you like what you hear, send your music for possible inclusion on a future episode. For details of how to have your music included go to the FolkCast website and follow the link.

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