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John Burge


My music is very likely to be unique amongst folk musicians.

The basic chord patterns for each instrumental are recorderd (by me) onto a digital recorder/looper operated by footswitches, whilst the hands do the playing..These “performance loops” are played whilst adding melody lines and layering to create a flexible and unique SOLO musical performance. Those who have seen/heard me “in action” find it both a “fascinating and artistic experience.”

Having played in duos/trios and bands for over thirty years( Mick Ryan/Crows/Kitsyke Will/ Perfect Cure etc.) I thought it was time to “strike out” on my own as a solo instrumentalist and composer. Work commitments over the last ten years as a “Music Rep” have not left much spare time, but playing stringed instruments has continued to be my passion, be it in the kitchen or some far distant hotel room whilst working away.

With a wealth of musical experience behind me, the memory banks are pretty full and are fairly productive with many original compositions “arriving out of the ether”.

Review of latest Cd " Echoes", in the the May 2008 issue of " The Talk Magazine", written by the reviewer Oz Hardwick (PDF file) Copyright The Talk Magazine - Visit website

A complimentary CD is a available to music/concert/event promoters.

Contact John Burge “Hunters’ End, Summerhouse,County Durham, DL2 3UD Tel.01325 374722 (home) or 07788 412581 (weekdays) or email

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