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Keith Munday

Kitty Jay - "Flowers for Kitty Jay" a new folk song written and recorded by singer/songwriter Keith Munday.

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My name is Keith Munday, I was born in 1948 and come from a musical family. I was playing lead guitar in groups, while still at school. When I was 15, I was in a group called 3+1, I remember we were a support band one night to a local R&B group who's lead guitarist was off sick, so they asked me if I would stand in for him. I jumped at the chance and after the gig, they asked me to join them and go on tour. My parents said "I was too young, perhaps later, when I was a bit older",( just as well, I'd probably be an alcoholic junkie by now) !! Over the next few years I was in different groups and already writing songs and composing music.

In the 70's, Ray Dory from Edison Lighthouse joined our band Sacrilege and later that year we won a national audition in London for Melody Maker. We signed a record deal with Tony Hall enterprises and had Pete Meadon as our manager, he used to manage the Rolling Stones in the 60's.This was it, we'd arrived, unfortunately things fell apart, we didn't like the music we had to play and then Ray fell in love and left the band to get married.

A couple of years later I decided to leave groups, rehearsals and gigs behind me and concentrate on my songwriting.In 1978 with my wife Maggie and our 2 small children, we moved to Torquay in Devon. In the early 80's I'd been on Devon Air Radio, recorded some songs with Dec Cluskey from The Bachelors and appeared on stage at the Palace Theatre in Paignton.( they didn't ask, I just appeared !! ). I compared and also sang my own songs for a Clairvoyant Psychic Show, with a clairvoyant called Mike Baker. The show closed after a couple of weeks because Mike couldn't make it, due to unforeseen circumstances !!

Also in the early 80's, I received a personal thankyou letter from Nancy and Ronald Reagan.the US President, for a song I had written for the American Hostages in Iran. In 1984 we moved back to Ashford in Middlesex, so the grandparents would see more of us and our children.My musical interest was now changing all the time and I found myself writing all different types of songs. I then wrote for a musical in London and then I was asked by Crystal Palace to write a football song for the Club. The next minute I was asked to write a comedy country song for a Line Dance CD. I won't tell you what it was called, but it was about Dolly Parton's Greatest Hits, Hits !!

In the 1990's I received a letter from David Geffin for a song I'd written for Cher/ Tina Turner called "It's a Kiss" He liked the song and said he would like to hear more of my stuff. The song never made it onto the Album, but would still make a good rock song for a Male/Female rock band.

Today I'm more relaxed about things and just enjoying making music, I'm writing ballads, country and now my first folk song
"Flowers for Kitty Jay" (Even trying my hand at composing Film/TV theme music).

We have always loved Devon, going on the moors and visiting all our favourite places and it was while we were on holiday there last year with our daughter Kelly, that I was inspired to write the song about Kitty Jay.
Devon is such an inspirational place and I'm sure we'll be back visiting again soon.

Sheet music available for Kitty Jay £5.00 including postage for UK eMail


Flowers for Kitty Jay
Flowers for Kitty Jay is a new folk song written and recorded by singer/songwriter Keith Munday. It was first played on BBC Radio Devon in May 2009 on the Kirstin Neilson Hunter Show. Listeners in Devon telephoned the BBC to ask about the song and details of the CD. Subsequently, Kirstin interviewed Keith on her programme in June, where he explained how he was inspired to write the song.

Keith takes up the story:

I decided to write the song last year while I was on holiday with my wife and daughter in Devon. We visited Jay’s grave on Dartmoor near Widecombe, evidently the grave has been there since the 1700’s and I was fascinated by the story.

Kitty was a young orphan girl in a workhouse in Newton Abbot, when she had to go live and work on a farm near Manaton on Dartmoor. As she grew older in her late teens, possibly 17 or 18, she fell in love with the farmer’s son and became pregnant. He refused to marry her and because of the shame of being with child and not married, she was said to have committed suicide by hanging herself in the barn. The church refused to bury her in consecrated ground, so Kitty was buried at the crossroads where the village boundaries joined. Local legend has it that fresh flowers have been placed on the grave right up to this day and no one knows who puts them there. Also a sad ghostly figure has been seen at midnight by the graveside and then disappears In the mist.

I hope I have captured the essence of Kitty’s story in my song and that folk singers around the country will carry on singing “ Flowers for Kitty Jay ”, so her sad life will not be forgotten.

For further information contact: Keith Munday - Telephone 01932 786339 - mobile 07765 113820 or eMail

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