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Lee Coatham

Lee started learning to play guitar at the tender age of 27. His first guitar was an electric fender where he to learned to play for about a year. However after listening to Bob Dylan and Nick Drake for the first time he was drawn towards the acoustic guitar and has never looked back. Shortly after picking up his first acoustic guitar, a beautifully made Tanglewood, he wrote his first song, he then wrote another one and another! For the first few years of his song writing career, songs came easily and quickly. It appeared that songs had been stored up inside for years and were just bursting to get out. The music, however, came a lot slower, and although Lee was continuing to write song after song, the music couldn't keep up. After a frustrating time trying to put music to his songs, Lee decided to find a band that could help him put music to his words. After spending a few years in different local bands with varying success, Lee decided that the band thing was not for him. He left his last band with a renewed feeling that he could make it on his own. After receiving positive responses and praise regarding his songs he was filled with a new sense of confidence and a much improved singing voice. He is now a singer/songwriter making a name for him self on the local folk scene. With continuous praise and support from friends, family and muso's alike and continuous admiration for his song writing and guitar playing, Lee is set on a mission to spread his music to as wider an audience as possible.

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