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Maggie Duffy

Maggie Duffy is a singer song writer who accompanies her exquisite voice on guitar. Maggie has been singing longer than she cares to remember - where did the years go?. Well, where ever they went Maggie is still going strong as a professional performer or enjoying a music session.

Maggie has also appeared in concert with Phil Beer (Show of Hands), Fairport Convention, Ian Bruce, The Albion Band, and Blazin’ Fiddles to name just a few.
Maggies New Album - 'Closer to Home'
Track listing for Closer to Home:
Mary Whiddon - A true story of love and also shocking murder that took place in Chagford in 1641
Hallsands - The demise of Hallsands as recounted by Edith Patey. She was a young woman in 1917 when the cliff side village fell into the sea during a storm
Brixham Belle - Everyone in Brixham knows the humorous legend of the building known as 'Ye Olde Coffin House'. A father who said he would rather see his daughter in a coffin than wed to a certain Captain Roundsell got rather more than he bargained for.
Hartland Wrecker - There is not a shred of truth to this tale of wretchedness save the existence of Reverend Hawker and the ship Rosalia that was wrecked off Hartland but not by the infamous Billy Webber.
Squeezy Belly Alley - A tiny alleyway in Port Isaac was the inspiration for this song.
City of Plymouth - With love and special memories for Maggies Mum.
The Bandmaster - This song is a  mixture of a teaspoonful of truth, a wee bit of embroidery and a touch of poetic licence surrounding a gentleman called Gordon who used to attend the gigs in Totnes. Click here to listen to Bandmaster
Miners Lullaby - Written for Maggies late Father in Law, Jimmy Duffy.
Travelling John - Chris Millington of North Devon was the inspiration for this song.
The Bride and the Rose - Especially for Mandy and Stu living happily ever after!


Maggie's CD Nine Turns Of The Moon was recorded at Phil Beer's studio & features Phil on mandolin, accoustic, slide and tenor giutars and bass voice on Good Man John a personal shanty (written by Maggie) to the very lovely, late John Nettleton from the Exmouth Shantymen. The East Devon trio Hunt Gamble & Tresize make up the rest of the harmonies on this song. Mike Weed plays low whistles & bass guitar on various songs throughout the album.

The title track Nine Turns Of The Moon the title track written by Maggie is a fantasy song on the trials of a young man trying to fulfil his soon to be Brides request of how to find a place where the moon will turn 9 times!! ??.
12 tracks in all with 5 of my own originals & finishing off with Leonard Cohens Song Of Bernadette. Listen to Sparrow a track from the CD.

Maggie's CD “Timeless” released June 2006 was produced by Phil Beer and features accompaniments by Phil, Mick Bramich & Brenda Burnside.

American folk legend Jean Ritchie said “ Maggie you are a fine singer and I love what your songs say Your album Timeless is well sung & refreshing .

Closer to Home (CD)
Nine Turns Of The Moon (CD)
Shadows on the Water (Album)
Full Circle Round (CD)  
Timeless (CD)


Maggie Duffy singing her own song  "Three Times Three" The true  story of
John Babbacombe Lee the man they could not hang. This song was commissioned by BBC Radio Devon to run with their version of his life story re-written by Eleanor Fossey and dramatized on Radio Devon.

For further information contact: Maggie Duffy - Telephone 01803 855961 or
eMail or visit Maggie's website

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