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Whistling Willy Jago

Believed to be the last of the Tamar Delta Bluesmen, Whistling Willy Jago, sometimes accompanied by his occasional accomplice Blind Jimmy Doorknob, performs self-penned songs about the activities around and about his home, the little Cornish village of St Emroyd. Probably the only artiste to have a contract taken out on him by Ginsters (hear his "House of the Rising Gorge" to hear why) Willy is available for weddings, bar mitzvahs and piss-ups. Will work for beer.

Stung by criticism that he only writes songs about pasties and loose women Whistling Willy Jago - last of the Tamar Delta Bluesmen - has written a lullaby. Strangely, it still manages to mention loose women and pasties!


Willy's alter-ego Andy Harding, has collected some of Willy's best loved songs and put them onto his YouTube channel here

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